SUNGLASSES: Not just a fashion accessory, but also essential protection against UV rays

LES LUNETTES DE SOLEIL : Pas seulement un accessoire de mode, mais aussi une protection essentielle contre les rayons UV


Summer is right around the corner and it's time to update your sunglasses collection to be on trend while protecting your eyes. But did you know that there are several lens categories for sunglasses?

In this article, we'll explore the different categories of UV sunglasses to help you choose the lenses that will best suit your summer activities.

Category 0: Clear lenses

    Category 0 is the lowest and is suitable for indoor activities or in low light conditions, such as short visits to the museum. These lenses can block 0-19% of harmful UV rays.

    Category 1: Lightly tinted lenses

      Category 1 is ideal for cloudy or foggy days, when the light is poor. Lightly tinted lenses block 20-57% of harmful UV rays. They will be essential to you during your shopping sessions.

      Category 2: Medium-tinted glasses

        Category 2 is suitable for sunny days, but not for prolonged exposure to the sun. Medium tinted lenses block 58-82% of harmful UV rays.

        Category 3: Dark glasses

          Category 3 is the most common for sunglasses and is suitable for prolonged exposure to the sun. Dark lenses block 83-92% of harmful UV rays and are ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, the beach or the pool.

          Category 4: Very dark glasses

            Category 4 is the highest and is suitable for activities in high mountains or at sea, where the reverberation is very strong. Very dark lenses block 93 to 97% of harmful UV rays and are obviously prohibited for driving.

            It is important to clarify that category 0 to 3 lenses are suitable for general use, while category 4 lenses are reserved for specific activities and are not suitable for everyday use.

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